Bronx-based Singer-Songwriter, Gabrielle Sterbenz, has toured extensively as a backing vocalist in the band Wheatus (Teenage Dirtbag), with stints for Robbie Dupree (Steal Away) and Mike Doughty (Soul Coughing) before that. But, it is Wheatus she has been a part of since 2011, most recently having penned and performed a song on the band’s Sony-released Christmas EP, and penning the lyrics to a cheeky Christmas version of Teenage Dirtbag. She has also opened for the band on several international tours. 


Gabrielle knew she wanted to sing professionally by the time she was 3. She spent her teenage years singing in her Long Island high school’s Gospel Choir. The “songwriting” part didn’t emerge until much later. Both an early and a late bloomer, Gabrielle’s genre-bending songs are at once classic-sounding and modern, floating between Americana, Folk, and sometimes referencing the American Songbook and Gospel music she loved growing up. Her voice might evoke that of Linda Ronstadt: clear, rich, dynamic. The driving force.


The first single from Gabrielle’s upcoming full-length album, recorded with platinum-selling producer, Philip Jimenez, comes out March 1, 2024. She will also be opening for Wheatus’ Brendan B Brown on a solo acoustic tour of the US in support of her record. Check back for new tour dates.